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Mar 2015
a desolate deception of hopeless self expression
a perceptive inception of artistic retention
is this a conversation?
or a list of movie quotes?
pop cultures ascension to our first world dimension
feel the tension...
feel the pulling of the mind
as we spit rhymes about hate crimes ignored for an episode of Family Guy
is this truly the vision of the revolution of rhythm
cause it seems more like derision or apathetic decision
speaking of dismantling systems when we're all caught up in them
when will we be finished?
when we get off our ***** and take molotovs to tyranny
instead of crying in beer glasses
will that amend the cracks in foundation or just be a punchline
we take breaks in the morning noon and nighttime
and we havent been fine in a long time
with cops murdering and wars being waged
we're more concerned with grocery lines and making a good wage
lets end currency cause its holding us back
and let our abilities have the first crack
spread the wealth of the knowledge of a skill or a trade
help those who are enfeebled to make a way
and do it because its the right thing to do
not because you want a soul indebted to you
property is robbery its as simple as that
so raise your black flag and lets take freedom back
Matt Fatt
Written by
Matt Fatt  seattle
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