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Mar 2015
I carry many things. All of them serve a specific purpose and are equally important.

I carry some things to take life...
A rifle, a pistol, grenades, and a knife.

I carry some things to save life...
A bullet resistant vest, a 9 line, and a medical kit.

And I carry some things to guide me when I'm lost...
A glow star and a heart shapped rock.

The glow star for when my path is dark and I've lost all light. It will always illuminate my path and guide me back.

The heart shapped rock etched with "Joy." To remind me I'm loved and when I'm scared, to remember you are my rock.

These things are my tools. But most importantly, these things are my way to fulfill my promise to you.

To always come home to you and hold you in my arms.
Inspired by a book a good friend made me read a long time ago. These are actually things I carry every day in uniform.
Written by
Nate  USA
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