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Mar 2015
There once was a beautiful girl
Who had a habit of looking straight ahead
Whenever she was out on a walk
And she'd happen to miss whatever
Was at her feet
And there was also another girl
Who was considered ugly and plump
Who always looked down at her feet
Whenever she was walking
Due to depression
One day she saw something
At her feet that lifted her spirits:
A one million dollar bill
And so she went home happy

We can all learn something from this!!! ;) ~~~~~<3
This was inspired by a conversation with my dad...
He told me that my great-grandfather used to say:
"Don't always look straight ahead
Coz you might miss something at your feet"!!!
Just thought I needed to share this with y'all!!! :) ~~~~<3
Have a nice day, each of you who read this!!! ~~~~~<3
Written by
Marian  Faerieland and in my head
(Faerieland and in my head)   
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