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Mar 2015
i was advised by my therapist
to take a new pill to make me
happy and energetic
but it's too expensive,
and apparently, too addictive.
i'm out of words to write
when i'm holding my pen,
but it's a different thing
when i sit down in a bus
and look at the busy people
do everything while i
daydream of you.
you saw me when i was invisible.
you saw me when i was in love with him.
you saw me when i was awkward
and you liked me anyway
while i saw you
in a different light.
i dont know if i should be
angry at you
or if i should be depressed.
even until now that we're just
people to each other,
i am still uncertain.
and i still see you in a
different light.
i'm losing my words and
i dont know why.
i have too many hopes and wishes
to let go
but i cant because
i can never label you
as a friend anymore.
but dont worry.
i'm still up for a chat
or a meal or anything.
which reminds me that time
you said you walked out on her
and it was a dramatic exit
out of her life.
and you didnt only get your belt back
because you also
got your heart back.
and here is your dramatic exit;
your quiet au revouir.
i need my heart back.

we could've broke every **** cliché
out there
but we were the biggest cliché
and you broke us
Written by
jay  F/chicago
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