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Mar 2015
I have no gifts worthy to be given.

I am but a simple man, only able to offer my God given skills.

They are not brilliant. They are not grand. But they are rare. And they are valuable.

They are my life and my livelihood.
They know know no limits nor bounds.
They are always ready.
And they are never ending.

My gift to you is my life. For it is the product of these skills.

My promise to willingly give it in place of yours so that you may live on and not suffer such pain.

I will be your light in the darkest of places. So that you can live without fear. Fear of the evil that lurks in the shadows.

I will never abandon you. I will never rest. I will always stand by your side ready to fight.

These skills are who I am.
They are all that I am.
They are meticulously refinded to the finest quality.
And I give them freely without hesitation or regret.

I am your Guardian. Sleep safe in my arms and know, harm will never come to you.

Rest your head on my chest and close your eyes. Feel my heart beat, for you are the reason it beats. Know that it will never stop beating until my dying breath.

And that too, will be in service to you.

You are my love. You are my life. And it is an honor to be your Guardian. Your knight.

Your Hero.
Written by
Nate  USA
   Nicole, --- and Brianne
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