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Mar 2015
Poor African child....
Sorrows and heartbreaks are all you know,
Promises of a better home you are told,
But yet...
Deeds are so invisible to your clear sparkling naked brown eyes,
Death murdered your own shadow, and follows you everywhere...just a matter of time 'ntill you shake hands,
Melodies of a C4 and tunes of the M16 is all you listen to, as they sing in their killing sounds
Hope has left its own home, your heart...and has found comfort in those who control life,
To them, your life is as that of a fly, 'You live today, you die tomorrow'
Cries of your loved ones as they are being  murdered like wild animals and hunger around you is the best description of your compound,
The life of a slave is better than yours...for a slave has a master but you, you have masters....
Poor African child...the very words you know are; 'When is this going to be over, and see the sun shine above the clouds?'
For Nigeria...
Phrank Kankasa
Written by
Phrank Kankasa  Ndola, Zambia
(Ndola, Zambia)   
     NuBlaccSoul, Arlo Disarray and ---
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