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Mar 2015
I am the creature that creeps in the night.

I am beastly.

I am a foul and vile creature.
Cast into the darkness
Out of hate by those who catch a glimpse of me.

Dark and jaded from being beaten I refuse to be seen.

You are the light that shines through the darkness.

You are beautiful.

You are a kind and loving person.
A beacon of hope to those with none.
Cherished by all those around you.

Selflessly you hold others up at their worst.

I fight evil more feared than I.
I protect those that beat me and cast me into the shadows.
For the guardians of heaven live closest to the gates of hell and I, the sheepdog, am often mistaken for the wolf.

You see the truth. The creatures more evil than I. Those that stalk from the shadows and attack the weak.
You see the need for my beastly.
You see the need for the fear of me.

I have saved them and the ones they love many a thankless times. Despite my actions their perceptions become reality. They see only the beast they hate. They see only the creature they ****.

You see a hero. You see past the beast and into the person. You see good where there is little. You give grace where none is deserved. You shed tears where they are mocked.

For I am beastly.
But to you...I am beauty.

You love me so; without fear.
Written by
Nate  USA
   Lunar Vacancy
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