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Mar 2015
there once was a boy who said i was different.
he made me feel different.
he made me feel wanted.
but he played with my heart and smashed it to pieces and
stepped on it over and over and over again.
he liked me when no one didnt.
he lied to me just like how everybody else does.
he told me other stories he already told to other girls.
he made me laugh when no one dared to.
he messed with my head and left a huge stain
just like how everybody else does.
he was the captain of my dreams and he sank the ship on purpose.
no one can replace him for now because what he did was crucial.
it hurt a lot and he didnt care
if i cried over him because he is used to girls
crying over how "unreachable" he is.
he was a magnitude 10.2 earthquake
and his aftershock is two times stronger because
seeing him nowadays destroy me and
he looks so happy.
he once asked me what i write
and i just said that i write words.
here is your answer,
i write about people like you
who can shatter and recreate my world in seconds.
if you're reading this,
i'm having a hard time coexisting with you.
because to me, what we had was my happiness,
but to you,
whatever we had was just an intermission number;
a page-filler;
a time-killer;
just another fling.
if you cant feel the same,
please do not forget about me
because i will never forget you.
thank you for making me feel different and wanted.
i bet you're an expert at it with other girls.
i hope you break more hearts throughout your life
so that i wont be the only one feeling this way.
i hope my thoughts of you will quiet down someday.
they're making me deaf.
my heart still beats for you.
i dont know when it'll stop

Written by
jay  F/chicago
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