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Mar 2015
So many times I have felt so alone about us. So much in limbo not knowing what to do. Hurting but loving you I can't leave. So i stayed believing in God and his whispers, have faith in me. And now you feel vacant about us.

I don't know what to say or believe in anymore. God? Myself? The fact that you know you love me and we will get thru this? Or to walk away and move on with my life because you feel vacant about us, about me.

Does it matter?
Do I let the chips fall where they may?
Or do I fight for the love that I believed to be real?
Your vacancy is your pain and that matters. That I do know. But the rest is in limbo again. What I did was wrong, feeling resentment and hurt, drunk text and madness, from a drunken fool who asked for forgiveness. Who knows she was wrong. But it's left you vacant.
So be it.....

I won't fight and I won't let the chips fall where they may. I won't believe that we were meant to be or move on with my life. I'm going to get drunk and not feel, again.

I'm a lost soul just like you.
Marissa Hines
Written by
Marissa Hines  boerne
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