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Mar 2015
The Twin Souls speak to me,
During the desert suns and
Tranquil moons,
In its greatest oracle,
They tell me
‘Save yourselves or
Remain unsaved’.

They took me to Egypt,
On the magic carpet that
Was dowsed in my room-
Some may call it a rug-
But for the Twins,
They flew during majestic
Seamless heights.

Nights I look back,
On how my twin was created,
How our paths had crossed
And how lucky
Even blessed we’d been.

Days I look forward,
With my twin and I
Drenched in Kelly Green in our ceremony of
Or seduced by the sun,
Escaping Methodist systems,
And enchanted by esques’ in the forest

Other nights,
My twin was gone,
An empty burden I felt
Swell my chest.

On those nights,
I prayed to the Souls to which
They promised
to keep us together

Some times the Twins advise me,
‘Do not set yourself on fire
to keep others warm’
‘Other people are not medicine’-
That is, except for the Twin Souls.

I taught my twin
Lessons of life,
And she taught me
Lessons of gratitude.

I must admit,
We were both a bit
A bit Distressed
[Still dressed to impress]

When time has run out,
Hope is lost,
Spirits are killed,
Demons are in disguise,
And hell breaks loose

I pray to the Twin Souls,
To hold us eternally whole
In the wake of the full moon

Because my TWIN SOUL,
Will never escape
The Encased LOVE and PURSUITS
For she is a true work of
Celine Nguyen
Written by
Celine Nguyen
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