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Mar 2015
What is a soldier?
They are courage
They are this country
They are the bravery
The stronghold
The backbone

What is courage?
It is taking a stand
It is being yourself
It is being strong
Having faith
Facing fears

What is this country?
It is the US of A
It is freedom
It is independence

What is bravery?
It is standing up
It is living your life
It is waking up each morning
Taking life when its rough
A smile

What is a stronghold?
It is security
It is a rock
It is inspiration

What is a backbone?
It is the weapon
It is the existence
It is what holds us together
The main bone
Keeps us alive

What is a soldier?
Someone we can count on
Someone who holds us up
Someone that saves our freedom
Risks their lives
Faces their fears

Are YOU a soldier?
Becka Dibble
Written by
Becka Dibble  KCMO
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