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Mar 2015
because it may be sure that...

Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.
~ George Carlin

and as true as that may be
they underestimate, greatly
that intelligence is a weapon
that will surely defeat them

and while they drag you down
remember, they are beneath your feet
planted firmly upon their crown
ensures you can step up
and the pit they dug for themselves
is where they have to sleep

Always argue with an idiot
for if they drag you down
you can crawl back from their vitriol
and look down upon them
from higher ground
I love having 'concise debates' with people on Facebook.... As soon as they lose their **** and I'm told I'm a ignorant *****, *****, ******* loser, dumb ****... I win :) and they're an idiot :)
Written by
Helen  nowhere special
(nowhere special)   
       ---, Joel M Frye, ---, bones, unknown and 12 others
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