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Mar 2015
Scientists say chocolate releases
the same hormones into your blood
as being with your loved one does.

And so I'm sitting at my desk
and it's an ungodly hour to be eating candy
but you're not here and all I want is that
sweet, sweet satisfaction of having
the taste of you on my lips.

I'm craving you, a desire that
clenches at my stomach; all I want
is some oxytocin in my system.

I lean back in my chair and sigh, tearing
another wrapper as I do, each morsel a tease.
This cannot compare to the richness
of your eyes, or the silkiness of your thighs.

This makes my heart beat faster
but you- you make it pound. This sends warm
sensations through my body but your touch
sends lightning through my veins.

It's almost morning now,
wrappers are strewn about my desk
and yet I still crave you.
Written by
Harsh  Maryland
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