Jun 2011

I still remember the moment you let go
Wearing my navy, Notre dame gold encrusted sweater

I remember how your eyes glistened and glazed over
The hazel jewels covered in a breath of dust
As you clutched up for someone to save you
To save us

And I stood there silently quaking
Unaware of the rivers flowing behind your melancholy cheeks
That poured out from your eyes and your mind, your heart and your breast
And spilled all over the sanctuary floor, abandoned

How you clutched my angst splattered teen t-shirt
How you concealed your suffering subtly in the crest of my shoulder
How I was so thankful for your strength
And the open hole that held our hearts in that moment

Sealed in the next
After one last embrace as one
And the bones broke as they were slammed against the pestle
As we separated and molted, given new skin
And put on the same monochromatic, dull eyed smile
Just as the day we met

And our hearts hurt, our lives reformed
Our paths split
Our eyes cold
And we were fine.

Cary  Fosback
Written by
Cary Fosback  Albany, NY, USA
(Albany, NY, USA)   
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