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Mar 2015
I am wearing a floor length white gown.
It seems to be made of the finest materials.
I am walking, down a path which has no end.
I see people around me and I realize that this pathway is my life,
I intersect paths with many and vice versa.
Although I look down and notice that the bottom of my dress is covered in dirt.
Oh well I thought, It happens.
I came across certain people in my life, They threw red mud and dirt at me, staining my beautiful white dress.
These people were supposed to be friends, mentors, people I could count on.
I guess not, I tried to wipe the mud and dirt off, but it just made it worse.
Oh well, It happens.
I continued on in my journey,
And I met the most wonderful person,
He took my dirt and my mud away, and made me feel whole again,
I twirled in my now restored dress, and felt beautiful.
He and I walked together for sometime, but for some reason,
I walked ahead of him, I still knew he was there, however.
And as I walked on in my adventure,
I met more people and these people didn't throw mud at me,
they instead gave me flowers and words of wisdom.
Yet somewhere on my path, I made a wrong turn a wrong choice.
I began to collect dust and dirt, had people throw mud at me,
I even began to think that I wasn't worthy of this white dress and began to purposely run into people who would throw mud and dirt at me.
By the end of what seemed like my road, I collapsed,
from pain, guilt, worry, and tones of other things.
I glanced down at my white dress, the one that was fit for a bride, was now covered in dirt and mud, so much that you couldn't even tell that it was white originally.
He walked toward me and I cowered,
"No" I said. "Don't come closer, You shouldn't see me like this, I'm not worthy."
He laughed, "Caitlin, I've been with you since the beginning, I've seen you at your best and at your worst. Don't fear what I think of you. To me you will always be beautiful. No matter what."
I still wasn't sure, yet as he reached he hand out to me, I grasped it and he pulled me to my feet.
He said "You accepted my help, that's the first step."
And at his words, my white dress was restored yet again.
"But it will just get ***** again" I stated, somewhat confused.
He shook his head, "Now you need to believe in me. That's step two."
"Believe? What you mean?"
"Believe. That's all you have to do. Open your heart and let me in."
I closed my eyes, Opened my heart, and smiled.
"I believe."
We started our journey after that.
He always walked beside me, I never ran ahead.
The best part?
No dirt caught on my dress, no mud either.
Written by
Caitlin  America
   Poppy and Timothy
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