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Mar 2015

On the first day of SPRING I would look for the first CROCUS to pop up....sometimes through the snow.

And the GRAPE HYACINTH, oh so little and purple...they would even pop up through the ivy...that strong ivy which took over everything in the yard
Nothing smells better than the MOCK ORANGE BUSH. One with dark green leaves and beautiful white flowers, and one with light green leaves and the same beautiful flowers...

And behind the tree, I would find a stray TULIP blooming, stiill in it's ***...Is that the one I threw out last year the one I thought was dead?

The smells of Easter when you walk into a store that sells flowers...LILLIES, TULIPS, HYACINTH, and SWEET VIOLETS.... I worked at Franks Nursery for 7 years and enjoyed those smells every SPRING.

And looking out into the field next door that was filled with the SWEET VIOLETS...purple  clusters and as I walked out to check them out I would find a patch of WHITE VIOLETS.

This special memory of SPRING FLOWERS, is a wonderful memory of hubby. Unfortunately he passed away the day after he planted all his Spring flowers. But for years I would go out to find them blooming, knowing he was smiling down on me.... Now the ivy took over, and I moved away, but never forgetting the FIRST day of SPRING and the FIRST CROCUS to pop up.
time changes some things but never the smell of flowers...
Written by
Judypatooote  ohio
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