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Mar 2015
Basking in the pale glory of night,
Beckoning a chance meeting where we would cross eyes once more.
Within the howling of the wind I hear your name,
Whispered from golden memories drifting afar.
The smell of tobacco is poison bereft your scent,
And the taste of vice I sought to replace you with,
turns to smoldering ash in my mouth.
Adrift in a shallow pond I navigate alone,
Lingering in darkness and doubt,
As a nightmare that comes without a dawn.
On my arms I bear the chains of past sins,
The blood of my wrongs staining the water beneath.
Forced to endure the shimmering memory of your touch,
Fade with each passing hour.
I only ask for shimmer of hope,
An undeserved gift that would raise spirits,
And give purpose to the pyre that burns within me.
I request one last dance under the stars,
A fleeting moment served to recall paradise lost.
Yet if the song ends and the shimmer of hope is put out,
I would see this crusade come to an end.
If our stars fade and the love we share is dead,
I will abandon ship and cast myself away.
I will cry tears of loss and pain so that when we meet again,
I look at you with empty eyes.
Santiago Mendizabal
Written by
Santiago Mendizabal  Dallas, TX
(Dallas, TX)   
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