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Mar 2015
A true friendship is quite rare
As are the priceless memories you share
The ones only you two can make
They're a person you're 100% real
with, no need to be fake
& you'd be lost without them
They're a one of kind gem
No one could take their place
Instead you'd rather just leave it an empty space
You both share a bond so strong
Even when things go a little wrong
& of course they sometimes will
Life won't always be so chill
You won't always agree
Eye to eye won't be what you see
Which may start up a tiny fight
over who's wrong & who's right
Don't let it build up & build inside & stir
Communication is always going to be key
always do this
It's by far better than getting lost in silence
What you may notice
Might be blurry to them  & out of focus completely oblivious
Nonchlant hints, unfortunately, they miss
Whenever you've wandered away from yourself & who you are
Your bestie won't let you wander too far
A true friendship is worth repair
Their life & wellness matter because you truly care
You'll go through hell & back together
Overcoming & living life side-by-side forever
No matter what obstacles you encounter
Making you both stronger & wiser after
A friendship that's always going to be worth it
Eachother you just get
You're one in the same
& glad they came
Before you disappeared for good
Leaving things misunderstood
BUT, since words were written read & spoken
...the silence was BROKEN
Becky Littmann
Written by
Becky Littmann  32/F/california
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