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Feb 2015
How can I rid my existence?
Should I blind myself          
so that my brain can rot in darkness
or maybe with a hand knife
silently scraping the nerves on my skin
like  dead potato skins
duck taped
and tears streaming down my dented cheeks

Maybe I should plunge myself into a Coma
and put myself in a dream where I can be in servitude for my transgressions

Should I cut my ***** off
for when I *******
all that comes out is lifeless *****
awaiting for a burial ground?

Maybe I should take my soft soul
into the palms of my hands
crush it with all my might
so that I will never be reincarnated again

The immortal soul reviving existence
by using the existence of others

Why should I let this little soul survive
who doesn't share its own existence with others?

What a terrible waste
a waste indeed
My Current Feelings. Thanks For reading such a depressing poem
Don't Exist
Written by
Don't Exist
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