Feb 2015
"Remember how the naked soul
Comes to language and at once knows
Loss and distance and believing"

Note excerpt: W.S Merwin

Finally free to converge and confess,
The Love I digress to take or leave,
In my own way and form I think,
For today was lost sadly to a planet,
Eating trecherous meals,
Lonely nights awake fighting,
Illicit mentions,

Forms of being so lost to idea's and
Trusts so real it will cost everything,
Ideas and decisions left untraceable

For I am a cold thought of you,
Before you were as I was
Lost and afraid

We may come to love knowledge our knowledge more than the thing known

Theologia Germanica

From C.S Lewis Weight of Glory
Love light peace
Kody dibble
Written by
Kody dibble
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