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Feb 2015
I'm glad he looks happy.
Really, I am.
I hope he has a wonderful life.

A life without me.

Clearly, he's just fine.
He's doing dandy.
He's got a girlfriend, and wonderful friends.
Why would he need me?

That's right,
He doesn't.

He's doing fine.
And he doesn't care.

He doesn't care.
Not about me.
Not one bit.

I don't know why he hates me so much.
I must've done something terrible.
But if course, he's not going to tell me.
He's too stubborn.

I was a friend, who genuinely cared about him.
Sure, we had a complicated history.
But I cared about him.
Isn't that worth holding onto?

But his life is better now.

Because now...

It's a life without me.
Just... No.
Kasey Lee
Written by
Kasey Lee  Massachusetts
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