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Feb 2015
I was of the South
Born in my ways I could not control
My path of rocks and stickerbriars
Led no where , I had no where to go

"I'm going back to Selma !. . . Selma !
And I had no reason just before
I'm going to Selma ! . . . Selma !
And I just don't know what for"

Do I really have the courage ?

Maybe love is a broken window
With cold air blowing in
Maybe salvation is just a desire
And it will be there at the end

Do I really know ?

Losing love is just the other part
And how do I depart
In Selma what is there to find ?
I'm sure it can't be kind

Take U S 80 , between I -20 and I -65
If I leave now I can be sure
To be there to see the sunrise
From the Edmund Pettus Bridge

****** Sunday , MarchΒ Β 7 , 1965
Beaten trying to cross the bridge
God's rights marching upon trampled sights
Home to take back from the giver

Easy to forget Selma 1965
All to easy to forget the hate
Leading to Memphis AprilΒ Β 4 , 1968
And to more than a simple mistake

Will the shooting ever end ?

January 20 , 2013 Jackson , Mississippi
Blackman shot , MLK celebration parade
The blood flows from Birmingham , to Selma
To Memphis and Mississippi's charade

Still I'm going to Selma .

"I'm going back to Selma ! . . . Selma !
But I have no reason why
I'm going back to Selma ! . . . Selma !
I think it will be just to cry"

written January 20 , 2013
This March 7 ,2015 will be the 50th anniversary of ****** Sunday . Another attempt to cross the bridge March 9 was thwarthed but on March 21 under protection of a court order and US troops the 2,500 marchers crossed the bridge headed to Montgomery , the state capital . Om March 25th the marchers reached the capital steps . The number had grown from 2,500 to 25,000 . The results of the march led to the passage of the 1965 Voting Rights Act . Today those rights have been undermined . As George Santyanna said in December 16 ,1863 , "Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it ."
South by Southwest
Written by
South by Southwest  Trussville , Alabama
(Trussville , Alabama)   
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