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Feb 2015
although the pain feels like stabs in the back and blades slicing
through my heart, i know you were never mine to keep
from the very first day i laid my eyes on you

still i created a world of fantasies and imagined us
hand in hand just like in the movies
only to see her arms wrapped around your waist
and your lips kissing her fragile head instead of mine

still i tried to make you love an idea of me
while i hid the person i knew you'd hate
deep in the darkest corners of my body
only to realise what a fool i'd been
for you still chose her
and left me trying to prove myself
worthy of love
(or what i thought it was)

still i told myself it was only a matter of time until
you caved and realised
i was right here, waiting with tears for lifetimes
only to learn that time was not the issue
(i was)
for you had indeed
seen all the signs before

because in reality
i was never good enough
so you ignored them all
and said it was time to blame
when all this time
you knew
you loved her
(( i'd like to say that you destroyed me but i know very well that i was the maker of my own destruction ))
Eunice Amor Oh
Written by
Eunice Amor Oh  Singapore
   Cheryl Tan, Alissa Ellis and Dinah M
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