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Feb 2015
Curse my **** for making the rules!
Curse my **** out of the best schools!
Curse the **** that’s been my main tool.
I could have been a dancer...

Curse my ****, willing to please me;
Curse my ****, it’s sick and it’s ******.
Curse my ****, when it’s hard I’m so easy.
I might have been a doctor...

Curse my **** for making me cruel!
Curse the **** that makes me a fool!
Curse my **** for blowing my cool!
I might have become king!

Curse my ****, so hard and so ruthless!
Curse my ****, it bites but it’s toothless!
Curse my ****, it’s god and it’s useless.
I could have been a poet..

Curse my **** for it is my ruler.
Curse the **** that will use me to ***** ya.
Curse my ****, or should I say “Hallelujah!”
(I could have been a woman…)
(c) 1985 PreMortem Publishing
Mahatma Jones
Written by
Mahatma Jones  Portland, OR
(Portland, OR)   
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