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Feb 2015
All you want to listen to is "happy music"
Its making me sick
Like an echoing cadence of grandiose sunshine infiltrating my soul

Can you play some Slayer?
Do you even have an ember
of anger that savors your desires for something more
Break down the barriers and make it Rain Blood
I want to see your smile turn evil in a rotation of your
brows that marquee your plastic, practiced face

Can you play some Elliott Smith?
Bleed the truth and don't hide it
The longing for fairness in a world you can't control
I'll keep them still, yet still
you hide behind this mask that you think no one can penetrate

I want you to call for what is just
yet you just
listen to **** like Katy Perry
Her mindless jingles bounces off the wall
Like natural ****, distracting yet they hold nothing for you

I'm glad you're happy
But I need something genuine
If I can't know the real you
How can I be your friend?
Spencer Carlson
Written by
Spencer Carlson  Seattle
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