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Feb 2015
I'll be with someone else
Who I'll love more
Than I ever loved you
More than I ever dreamed of loving you

You will find someone
Who will love you more
Than I ever did
More than I ever dreamed of

Your memories of me
Will be like those of high school
There, but nowhere near the front
I'm just the guy who loved you in and after college.

My pain will go away
And I'll have new prayers to pray
You won't be on my mind,
You'll be hard to find
You'll no longer be inside

But right now it hurts
Like a splinter I can not pull out
And right now it is here
Like my reflection in a lake
I've seen before

You'll be nothing but
Small smiles

I can not cry enough years full of tears
To make that day come sooner,
But I can put paint on walls all night
And pray to God all day

And hope that something will change
That I'll be able to say
More than "Goodbye" to you
composed on February 9, 2015
Will Rogers III
Written by
Will Rogers III  Austin, TX
(Austin, TX)   
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