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Feb 2015
As summer bursts through its edges
with the promise of warmth,
endless days of reverie
and stretches of sunshine along the horizon,
the trees shiver with melancholy
as though their leaves anticipate
the chill of autumn
to fracture their very existence
only to be leftΒ Β s c a t t e r e d
on the pavement
later swept away -
Β Β   kept away -
then bitten by the raw winter,
seizing the only
existing solace in spring
However fleet i n g
this consolation may be
Because as summer once more
avouches to bring euphoria
With it will come a desolation
that hasn't been hoped for
but nonetheless expected
It has become solely comparable
To the love that was lost
Among the whispered promises of forever
Like the thrumming of the raindrops
on a summer's night
Greetings, Hello Poetry! Happy to be here. It's nice.
Fiona Caitlin Buendia
Written by
Fiona Caitlin Buendia  21/F/Swamp Bottom
(21/F/Swamp Bottom)   
     ---, Jack Morrison and Flita Fernandes
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