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Feb 2015
Swallow my sentences
With the touch of your lips,
Let my words tap dance in the hallways of your throat,
Play music with your vocal chords,
Drown like Jack Dawson in titanic-
Be titanic.
When my words hit your heart
Do not push them away;
Embrace them,
Like they came on a wave of Bob Dylan vinyls
Like they were lyrics
The Beatles have been searching for
For so long,
Like they were the last scene
From a movie soundtracked by Jimi Hendrix
Like they were the notes
For whatever Jimi was playing;
Embrace them,
Like they were mine.
Know that they are.
Know that my frail heart will accept your kiss,
But also know that my mind
Perceived how your right hand
Was resting on the side of my seat,
How your left swiped on my neck,
The way surgeons dot lines
To mark the areas they are going to slice off;
Know that I’m afraid.
That I’m a bomb defuser without his suit,
That I’m a racer without breaks,
That I’m Evil Knievel without a helmet,
That I’m swimming with sharks;
But the only cage I’m in,
Is the one I’ve built with my fragile hands,
Is the one that could be pulverized by yours.
I’m afraid of letting you in.
Because one day,
That bomb will go off,
That race will come to an end,
Those sharks
Will get hungry,
And I’m too tired of being the bate.
Written by
MAJD S  Lebanon
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