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Feb 2015
I constantly dream about you
When I'm awake I can control myself
It's as if my mind's sub-conscience
Knows to strike when I'm at my weakest

I traveled the world on the back of a Spartan hover car
I traversed icy mountains with leather backed baloths
Renee was trying to get us to meet together
I think what has happened also hurt her

I found you in a city where they sprayed painted
bricks on the wall of an unfinished Big Ben
My heart knew what was coming and my
brain could only wait for when
The sunlight glared off my glasses
When I swear I could see you
Abra called my name and told me I had
to go somewhere else

So we submerged under the ice
In the submarine Northern Lights
I was learning about the magic of fireworks
When a struck our core and the hull did burst
Floating around a whale swallowed me hole
I walked down its throat in a room so cold
And I saw you there with open arms
Waved away fears and all alarms

Until I woke up to a boring world
Bed was stale and air was cold
Realizing only when I sleep is when
I'll ever be able to see you again
Spencer Carlson
Written by
Spencer Carlson  Seattle
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