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Feb 2015
Humanity has a flawed
Self proclaimed idea
That they are the custodians
Of this beautiful planet
All beings put here for purpose
Looking back at an unknown creation
Theories and hypotheses
Till now, we have no conclusion
Humanity decides for this planet
Said who?
We have taken the onus
Of deciding the fate of this planet
Other living beings were here
Much before we arrived
Ruling the vast landscapes
Maybe not in the present form
We claim to have an upper-hand
In taking all decisions
More wrongs, compared to rights
Purportedly by the advanced minds
Brains that can think
Hearts that can feel
And make choices
Where do we falter?
Not thinking enough
Not caring about the right feelings
Not making the right choices
For centuries the Earth has been patient
Watching us make a spectacle
Where are we heading?
Who cares? Even towards oblivion
Shall leave behind a legacy
Which shall forgotten by time
Time will be the adjudicator
Let’s leave it there
Amitav Radiance
Written by
Amitav Radiance
       Kerli Tulva, ---, ---, ---, Suzy Hazelwood and 17 others
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