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Feb 2015

Back in the 1940's when I was young
Valentines Day was so special

Everything was homemade
from the Valentine box,
the Valentines,
and Valentine cookies.

As the room mother one year
my mom was asked to make a large
Valentine Box

I remember the doilies that we
colored in, we had ruffles,
glitter on little hearts,
everything was pink, white and red.

The big Valentine box was put on
the teachers desk
Then as each child came in
they deposited their Valentines
in the beautiful Valentine Box.

I can't remember seeing the teacher
remove the Valentines from the box
but somehow she did, and a couple
of us kids got to pass out the cards.

We took them home in a paper bag.

But first we opened them up....
Always excited to see if we got
a special one from someone special...

Did you get one from Jimmy,
or best friend Sue
Here'sΒ Β one from the teacher
with a sucker too...

As the years passed by, and I became a mother
I helped my children make their own
small Valentine Box.
With Doilies, red hearts and
the most important part was glitter....
and they came home from school
filled with cards picked up at the
Valentine Store...

as years passed on
the Grandkids were more creative.
A Valentine Box
that looked like
a Lady Bug
each year they became more creative.

none as beautiful in my eyes
as the big large Valentine Box
my mom made.


by judy
Written by
Judypatooote  ohio
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