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Feb 2015
Veracious verses of promise poured from your lips
Filling my lungs with pure intentions
My blood didn't feel so cold
Not a coherent thought in sight
Only the hum of the fan in the background
We didn't need the light to see
Guiding one another like the blind
Skin against skin, shivering throughout
Pleasure dancing across the surface
As we immerse ourselves in each other
Rugged heart and banished soul
Bound together as one entirely
In those moments, I felt whole and alive
I wasn't just yours, nor you only mine
But instead, we were woven together
Forgetting the world and making our own
Losing ourselves throughout the rest of the night
I'd give anything for another night like that.
Amber Bowen
Written by
Amber Bowen  Locked away in my mind.
(Locked away in my mind.)   
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