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Feb 2015
the god
oozing thRough the air
and saturating the atmosphere
blending into the fibers  
(of shoes, and shirts, and swEaty collars, and slacks, and pews, and smelly green carpet)
and People crash to knees
and bend themselves to a force that constricts them
guilt gripping at nEcks
and sour acid rises in my throat as I cannot fathom
or obey an invisible god that drowNs nations
in hostility…judgment…hatred
and mummifies weak minds
turning benevolence into maligniTy
churning a boiling cauldron of manipulation—disguised as a sickly sugar
my chest bursts in panic
and I need to run from the ashen, needy, suffocating limbs of a body
whose sickly roots control the masses

and the senseless prayer has ended.
free yourself
sweet ridicule
Written by
sweet ridicule
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