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Feb 2015
No one knows
How much I show
Compared to what I hide,
What I keep inside.

I can pass by,
Unseen and unheard.
Trying not to cry,
It's almost absurd.

Sometimes I feel
Like I'm caving in.
It's almost unreal
But the boundary is thin.

Just yesterday,
You said you could see.
That the problems inside,
Are apparent in me.

At this I laughed,
And to your surprise
"Your don't know a thing"
Is what I had cried.

You don't know those words,
I hear every day,
That pierce right through me
Like a knife through soft clay.

You don't know what's happened
In my past or right now
Yet you have the audacity
To raise one brow

And decide who I am,
Who you think I will be
On simple assumptions,
Based on only what you see.

Now please, shut up.
And just walk away.
You're blind like the others,
You think this is child's play.

You speak with 'empathy',
But it's all just lies.
You can't feel what I feel,
So stop with the countless tries
To see if you understand,
To see through my walls,
But on the secrets I hide,
*You know nothing at all.
Written by
Syzygy  New York, USA
(New York, USA)   
   Anonymous, ephemeral and Creep
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