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Feb 2015
There once was a small black kitten
Who was relocated to a new place
Gone were the days of running with her friends
Here, no one knew her face
She walked around a parking lot
Looking for people during the day
But everyone else already had someone
With whom they liked to play
One day, while walking on the sidewalk
She met two new creatures
What she didn't know was that these two
Would become her greatest teachers
Kitty was a senior cat
Who'd help any lost soul
She was brave, sweet, and kind
And had a motherly role
A Fox stood beside Kitty
Running and jumping around
With piercing blue eyes and lots of energy
He spoke with a foreign sound
He was going on and on about the world
And couldn't seem to stop talking
This kitten couldn't keep her eyes off him
She was even intrigued by his walking
Later that night she went home
And was sitting in her bed
She thought Kitty was nice and so was Fox
She couldn't believe what they said
A few weeks later, she admitted to herself
She really liked Fox a lot
Even though she barely knew him
It was a crush she had got
She told Kitty and Kitty smiled
Saying she knew this would be true
Kitty suggested to get closer to him
The kitten should try something new
So the kitten and Fox went to a convention
And all was going great
Until suddenly, out of nowhere
Came someone the kitten would hate
It was the parrot who had followed her
And would never leave her alone
He'd fly around, pestering her
In his very annoying tone
The kitten tried to run behind Fox
But he had disappeared
She was stuck alone with the parrot
Something she always feared
Eventually she found Fox again
But the parrot continued to stay
The kitten decided she'd had enough
And told Fox about it the next day
He said he'd help protect the kitten
From the parrot looking for romance
And then mentioned he was excited
For the upcoming dance
Kitty offered to take the kitten
To the dance in three weeks
They worked on making the kitten beautiful
And keeping her away from the freaks
By the time the dance came around
The kitten was feeling brave
Kitty stood beside her, just in case
It was the kitten she needed to save
The kitten found the bravery
To be with Fox during a song
He looked so handsome, while the kitten thought
She was probably doing something wrong
When the parrot suddenly swooped in
The kitten got scared of this
But Kitty pushed the kitten into Fox
And then began to hiss
"What the heck just happened?"
Kitten asked Fox, confused
"I'm not entirely sure, but I know
I don't think I'm amused"
Later that night, the kitten decided
That one month from that night
She'd show Fox something she wrote
About how he can be her light
She read it to him a few weeks later
And for the first time, she got a hug
She feared he'd just look at the poem
Think it's bad, and just shrug
A few days later, Kitty had surgery
After she hurt her paw
The kitten and Fox went to comfort her
She gave the kitten looks of awe
Even when hurt, Kitty remembered
How much the kitten cared for him
He was pretty clueless, though
When it came to romance, he was dim
Kitty encouraged the kitten
To go out with him when she could
Thinking eventually he'd reveal his feelings
Or at least, he should
The kitten continued to be with Fox
And eventually he realized
Instead of just a simple friend
He saw a companion in her eyes
Eventually he told the kitten he loved her
But her kitten brain couldn't process
How Fox could be in love with her
And how he could confess
Kitty said she was so innocent
And explained he truly cared
The kitten still was incredibly confused
And just a little scared
It took her a month to realize
That he truly cared
He'd always stay by her side
Wipe away her tears when he can
When she was chased by an evil chihuahua
Beside her, he ran
He let her rest her head on him
She found someone she could trust
Putting their front paws together
He wouldn't leave her in the dust
Two weeks later, they booped noses
And eventually shared a kiss
But once again, the parrot returned
He was very jealous of this
The parrot wouldn't leave the kitten alone
And Kitty was in a fight with another
The parrot kept screeching all the time
That her and Fox shouldn't be together
But the kitten stayed with her true love
Through the good times and the bad
She'd comfort him when he was sick
He'd cheer her up when she's sad
One day, the kitten was in an accident
She had fallen off a bus
Fox had told her she shouldn't go near it
She didn't understand all the fuss
But instead of saying I told you so
Fox cuddled with her instead
Even though her back paw was broken
And she practically looked dead
She continued to read him poems
He'd write her some too
She cared for him so deeply
This was something new
But once again, the parrot returned
Saying they were meant to be
But the kitten knows things will be alright
Even if it isn't clear to see
She doesn't know much about the future
But she wants to keep her Fox
Even though he'll be far away
And she can't stuff him in a box
For now, she holds him close to her
And feels like the luckiest kitten
With strong feelings and a stronger bond
She truly is smitten
Who would have thought a small black kitten
Notorious for bad luck
Would cross paths with an amazing fox
With prosperity, she was struck
She can hold him close to her heart
And say she loves him so
This is the most amazing creature
She's ever come to know
Even if the days may not always be good
She knows she can count on this
She has the most amazing relationship with her fox
Bound with a true love's kiss.
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