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Feb 2015
1. Worrying about that smart girl flirting with you, or the pretty girl dancing with you, worrying you would never like me more than them.

2. Thinking I'd never be smart, pretty, or flirty enough for you.

3. Knowing you just don't care about me, no matter how much I care about you.

4. Being so happy that I can't imagine sadness because nobody ever makes my heart glow like you do.

5. Heart-break, not because you did anything, but because I realized I was an idiot.

6. Falling for someone but still winding my heart up on you.

7. Humiliation, for breaking my trust the way you broke everything else.

8. Realizing I was wrong, for not listening to what everyone else told me about you.

9. Wondering how so much could have been different if nothing had happened with us.

10. Questioning if I'd ever redo or change something that happened with us, from the joyful memories to the tears.

11*. Falling in love with you and knowing I'd lost myself forever.
Written by
Ananya Kalahasti
     ryn, HaleyBoo, --- and Nicole
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