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Feb 2015
working definition, society or civilization
in its entirety.
provide an example otherwise
I am open!

power too strong to control
focus is on mind
and time and divide.
the true brilliance of being,
here, ever,
proves its a hoax.

and all of it.
not most or some
but all of it is
to keep this power
beastly energy God

the whole packet of
is too cryptic.
when one finally recognizes
and reorganizes
with Mother Nature,
simplicity begins the chain.
when I fully reclaim
this will be my nature
my peace
it always has

we are not here
and so
suffering is habit formed.
agony is ego stroked.
tales are told,
sold, or cold, ******
imprinted on our souls.
written on our memory
planes… pains, panes… regardless we remember.
circumcision of the heart and brain
self proclamation
with names and culture,
and all these different languages!
keep us stupid…
brain led and plainly disconnected.
from ourselves, our Earth family
and God.

I never embraced that word.
these days I understand differently.
I see the intelligence in propaganda
and its own beastly energy
and I step aside, lose interest
and breath
Thinking of you Of the Sea :)
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