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Feb 2015
on tall trees (en arboles altos)
they begin as small white flowers (empiezan como flores pequeñas y blancas)
with five petals (con cinco petalos)
and a sweet smell (y un olor dulce)

ready in summer (estan listos en el verano)
smooth skin (piel suave)
colorful skin (piel lleno de color)
red, orange, yellow, green (rojo, anaranjado, amarillo, verde)
single pit in the middle (una semilla en el medio)
sweet flavor (sabor dulce)
soft or firm (blando o firme)

the knife breaks the thin surface (el cuchillo rompe la superficie delgada)
and reveals a golden sun (y revela un sol dorado)
a sun (un sol)
bright (brillante)
shining (radiante)
and glorious (y glorioso)

i like mangos (me gusta mangos)
mango juice (jugo de mango)
mango smoothies (batidos de mangos)
mango ice cream (helado de mango)

i have a candle (tengo un cirio)
that smells like (que huele como)
mangos (mangos)
it’s one of my favorite smells (es uno de mis olores favoritos)
in the entire world (en todo el mundo)

when i think of (cuando yo pienso en)
mangos (mangos)
i think of (yo pienso en)
summer (el verano)
my happy place (mi lugar feliz)
my paradise (mi paraiso)
i had to write a poem about a fruit or vegetable for my spanish class. thought i would provide the english translation with the spanish :)
Margo May
Written by
Margo May  Minnesota
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