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Feb 2015
I've lost friends
I'm used to people leaving
I'm used to pain
I'm used to loneliness

Maybe this is all poetic *******

Maybe I'm a lost cause
But, maybe, just maybe
I care about you more than anything
because I've had friends
wrap ropes around necks,
wrap cars around trees,
and I wouldn't wish
that on my worst enemy

I speak poetic *******

I speak
for the wounded
and for those
whose voices
are drowned in the words
of those who say
"I'm fine."
when everything
is falling apart
around them

This is poetic *******

This is me
writing words out
because my heart
for the ones I love,
I'd rather my blood
spill on a page
than from my wrists

I am the epitome of poetic *******

I am alone
I am weak
I am your best friend
I am scared
I am imperfect
I am everything and nothing
I am alive

I write poetic *******

I write poetic *******
because someone
out there in this ****** up world
will read it and feel
something, anything,
and I hope
it breathes life into their lungs
and they inhale
the world around them
for the first time

This is not poetic *******
This is life
J Hamersly
Written by
J Hamersly  Clarks summit
(Clarks summit)   
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