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Feb 2015
you know when you miss someone so much
it’s like tsunami tides washing over you
and it almost hurts to breathe
you just stand there, not knowing what to do
overcome with emotions that makes you think of days long gone
and people that have walked away from you.

i didn’t expect you to be gone so soon—
i feel like our conversation is still hanging in the air
just waiting to be continued

i still have so many things to say to you
but i guess they’re going to have to be
left unsaid, forever stuck in my throat

sometimes i sit here with my heartache
raging quietly inside of myself
and i don’t know what to do with my hands
my chest feels tight
and i feel like i am drowning

i want this feeling to stop now but i know it’s going to take a while
so i just sit here and try to repress it
because i don’t want to let it overcome me.
your goodbye took me by surprise
and left a bitter taste in my mouth;
i guess i should’ve seen it coming
i just wasn’t brave enough to
Written by
Miriam  Metro Manila
(Metro Manila)   
       ---, Day Wing, brandon nagley, iridescent, --- and 22 others
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