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Feb 2015
Dribbling from our chins, I could mix
Up that jealous potion we both salivate
Into jars we store under our beds
Like a tigress in the night
I maul down my past,
But move really--very fast
Because I hate to wait.
Crying into my red wine
Tantrums you could somersault into
But you've got that something for me
So my long legs and I
We stop running.

I see you swagger into a brisk heat
My imagination twirling and throwing
Me into the streets of Philadelphia
I look at now, with a slight negativity
Take me away from here
I will take myself away from here
But my drumming ***** fills up
Every time I am placed in a paint soaked bathtub.

I direct and I describe things with a sense of urgency
All the while I feel the howling sensation
But I see your name flash and click before my mind
Place maybe, me in your pocket
I feel my impatience and need for more
Bury itself deep in my throat

Why, yes, thats me over here choking
On the kitchen cozy floor
But you are scared to view all my angsty work
So I purr and hum
In my little Breakfast At Tiffany's studio.

Falling the more you describe possibility
But you need so much more clarity
While blonde heads tell me I really should settle down
But I jump into clumps
While jesting, "Lets just get married."
But all I want is your hand in mine
I promise I could be the prettiest little thing
Of yours
But yes, there is a mane and fangs.

Trees and people covering the streets
In your little collared shirt, Spanish
Echoing from mouthes all around
So sorry to act like such a clown
But sometimes I feel like my pounding brain and heart combusts
And gets the better of me.

Gripping fingertips laugh and lick
My skin that you long to kiss from afar
Hold the computer so close,
But don't glorify what you don't have
You are so right
But at midnight
You are not mine to hold
For now, we murmur.

If I could find a little space
Filled with only glass windows
Splatter paint and red roses
I would let you watch from afar
If you wanted, darling button baby
As I flew and drew
Exactly what it meant to be away from you.

Maybe I am just a fool
Maybe I am too young
Maybe I am unappreciative of what I've got
But I won't stop pouring and swimming
In the paint of the world I long to create
So come join me in the club foot bathtub
Blue paint would go perfectly with your eyes.

Or maybe I just
A flicker of an emotion human beings
Give a name to: "sad."
I remember when past lovers would refer to my emotion
As "mad"
But the truth is that I am a kaleidoscope
Full and brimming with childish wonder.

And I can't even formulate
The palette of colors I feel tonight
Because text is not enough.

But if you wanna buy me the biggest
Nicest bag, you can find baby
Do so,
I will wear it in the bathtub
With my passport and Chicago traveling eyes
In hand.
Written by
OnwardFlame  Chicago, IL
(Chicago, IL)   
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