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Feb 2015
Am I just a *******
function to you

Less than a human,
half a friend

Stuck aback in
a dead end

Someone to talk to
Rather than to care for

Someone to use
and to sow despair for

You may speak fondly now
but how could I care

When your words are
just the leeway for a loss

The noose that tightens
up the loose ends
Is slowly tearing off

And exclusive, that’s the
word you’re dreaming of

Because the ghost in the group
Is ******* fed up

Of all the shadows
on which he's tripping up

They are there because I am not
I am isolated; without a lie
It’s surely what you’d prefer

One for all is not at all
Not any more

So gladly go and throw me out
I might be lucky enough
to find something else

So go ahead and **** me off
I’ll be gone before you
can seal the lock

That keeps me out

Cut me out of old pictures and
Censor me for Caesar’s sake

But you know that he wouldn't
give a **** anyway

Lavish the lock that binds closed doors
Because it’s keeping me from keeping scores
Of all the times that I became a gravestone

Worn and still and often forgotten,
fed thorns through roses and other lies
that tore my trust from side to side
bruising amity until it was rotten

We think foxes tread the woods alone
through choice and not at all assume
that they’re strayed away because
the wolves have only wished it so

Well, the ghost in the group
is *******  fed up

That they are there
because he is not
and communications
have become corrupt

They’re **** out of luck
If they believe that he’ll
take this and they're ****
out of luck if they want
to earn trust and they’re ******
out of love if they think they can run

They are only there
because he is not
but this fox isn’t
willing to be forgot

He’s heard enough *******
To break old ground
He extends his voice
and they can't hear
the sound

It's exclusivity, wrying
and he’s tiring of trying
and he’s tiring of being

treated as if he’s less of
a friend in a pack that
promotes its' own
friendship as fair

and the ghost in the group
regurgitates the past
when he’d be left alone
without a word to pass
Written by
Culpoetry  Britain
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