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Jan 2015
Nothing rhymes with orange
FALSE:  nothing and orange do not rhyme

Home is where the heart is
FALSE: the chest cavity is where the heart is

Failure is not an option
FALSE: failure is a very possible option

the imagination is limitless
FALSE, you cannot imagine a color outside of the visible spectrum

Richard Sherman is the best cornerback in the game
FALSE: **** "Night Train" Lane is the best cornerback in the National Football League

FALSE: you are actually in a finite time frame that consists of an infinite number of times that you are living

The early bird gets the worm
FALSE: early bird is not a real bird species, therefore it cannot get the worm because it does not exist

every penny counts
FALSE: pennies cannot count

Obama is no longer a good president
FALSE: Obama was never a good president

the end
FALSE: The page goes farther, therefore this is not the end
MrDrProffesor Murly
Written by
MrDrProffesor Murly
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