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Jan 2015
Why am I just sitting here getting high?
What am I doing with my life?
I’m wasteing away

Why can’t I get out of bed in the morning?
What am I going to do for work?
I’m just wasteing away

What is it like to be happy? Truly happy?
Am I ever going to feel it?
I’m wasting away

Why am I so sad all the time? Why is that?
Am I going to be like this forever?
Once again I’m a waste

Why haven’t I been able to sober up?
Am I  going to get anywhere?
I’m a true waste

Why do I deal with the abuse from everyone?
Can I take anymore pills?
I’m really a waste

How come can’t find the strength to live anymore?
Why am I so weak minded?
I’m wasting away

Why can’t I just ******* do it?
End it all with no problem?
I’m a ******* waste

Why am I such a stupid *****?
I need to die
Im wasting space
Hopeless Wonderland
Written by
Hopeless Wonderland  Michigan
   Maggie Grace
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