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Jan 2015
Atmospheric chaos erupts like wild volcanoes
This bottled creativity sparked a supernatural
Storm that has echoed just like ten tornados
That leave behind a silent, colorless wake
A spiritual crystal rainbow
Of deep plateaus breaking down missing traits
Dipping gently towards the lines of my dreams
Causing me to believe in many truths unseen
So I am left with one mysterious theme
To express the need
To be all that is found inbetween
Reality, fantasy and the enticing extremes
Within the confines of wires that were weaved
In such a way that I was swayed to believe
These schemes could ever reflect back to me
That I am and was made unnaturally
To be something otherworldy
Despite these
Mysterious glass trees that deliriously reflect back to me
Disqualified memories buried so subconciously deep
Now I believe in the dream
So I let it all go
Have faith I can hold
Tightly to the fluttering lace that my own
Wispy fingers have sewn
Into this skin that is dry like the wind
My consciousness now wearing thin
So don't let it go
Let it unravel to show
I will soon be sweetened with rain
Soon you will know
This storm will not be defined or decayed
Dismayed or maintained
Let the truth come, invade
False pain that will stay
Unless I make
One night of healing, so well handmade
It will replace the decades of feeling afraid
Of being awake
Of going astray
Written by
Axiana  British Columbia
(British Columbia)   
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