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Jan 2015
Sitting here skipping church
Trying to write you a song
It’s taking all day long
But I like you
Sat here once before
Playing the guitar
Along with me
Made the song complete

But I had this feeling that you would never need me
I let the pain sink so low
To the point where I’d push you away just to save your day
You don’t need to know

That now I will learn how
To play by myself in this town
I’ll play ‘til my fingers bleed
I miss your melody
This insecurity is getting the best of me

But if you choose that you miss me too
You could always join me in the youth room
You could play the keys
Or you could play the strings
Or you could even sing along with me

‘Cos when you sing the stars burn bright
As they all fall into line
You are adding beauty to life
One lullaby at a time

And when you speak
Wisdom leaks
From your lips, leaves me hanging
On every word that you say
Gets louder the further you are away

But you keep saying how we barely even know each other
Well, this ain’t a love song, it’s a proposal
That we get to know each other
Sixth track from my album *The Universe is Screaming
Spencer Carlson
Written by
Spencer Carlson  Seattle
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