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Jan 2015
If your love is all I have,
And could ever have,
I will strip myself of all else,
Good and bad,
And with arms wide open,
Embrace your soul,
As it were my own.

And if your touch is all I feel,
And could ever feel,
I will forsake my memories,
Good and bad,
And take your hand,
And carry it for as long as you please.

And if your voice is all I hear,
And could ever hear,
I will not care.
For in it's rhapsody,
Greater than any song,
Is where I belong.
Now and forever.

And if your eyes are all I see,
And could ever see,
I will let your gaze devour me,
For it is your eyes,
That set me free.

And if your pain is all I deserve,
And will ever deserve,
I will surrender all my fears,
And prepare to bleed.

I will ride your storm,
And if I am to drown..

I will have drowned justly.
I ******* love him.
Sam Haidan
Written by
Sam Haidan
       David Hall, allison, ---, bluestarfall, Eudora and 8 others
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