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Jan 2015

We were never meant to be,
And yet
I keep going back to that place
Where we used to laugh
And frolic among the emotions
Of true happiness,
Even if only for a moment...

I can't paint it picture perfect
As if it has been instilled on my heart,
And then smudged away,
By the tears of the heartache,
As he loves another.

He. Will never know of how much I long for his touch.
His. Attention belongs to another.
Us. Well, we shall never be the same again.

If only he knew how I thought of him amidst the day.
If only his touch could bring the pain away...
If only I could say, that there ever was an us.

If only I could say it was real.
Written by
Ciarra  Illinois
     Cyndi Winton, JWolfeB and ---
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