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Apr 2011
Down the predestined path my friend
we all walk as friends or enemies
such is the journey of life,
Voices echo through the empty corridors
like the winds breeze flowing across wild seas
Words of love mingle with those of hate
thoughts of good become but reflections of Evil
and we still continue to journey blinded.

The years,the days, but a glimmer of fate
Nations of people,tribes of traditions
calling to each other with voices of threads
and we pull at the strings to gain favours
Collecting our wealth as a weapon
and all falls silent before the mighty pen
Structures confine there realities
blanking out all other dreams and views.

Dust mingles in the rain,as do our hopes
colliding indifference's of home and breed
We shatter the foolish vision with our own uncertainties
crafting our thoughts upon those elemental minds
Taken all that which is natural
replacing them with the modern dream and hope
Some how, believing our dreams to be theirs
a continues mixed emotion upon our planetary plane.

The Gods now fall silent before us
they fail to utter their heavenly decrees
And we portray our mighty Lord and sovereign
upon all and any that can benefit our cause
Once Blue skies now appear musky and gray
Yet,We still fool ourselves as to its beauty
This Globe of Home,our Hearth
lays as wastelands to our goals and dreams.

And here before you lays the words of a humble Poet
reflecting upon the waste and ruin of our times
dried up and gone are all the worlds heroes
No longer is a Saviours face to enlighten our eyes
We have become that which even our fathers feared
that darkened figure of pestilence and decay
Yet with each brush of our economic pen
We whitewash the truth and reality we face.

Are we to sit silently,just watching
that and those that mean so much to life
Do we cut off the hands of the starving brother
when it reaches out for our surplus?
Where do we become so important
what fades within us if not our souls,
Tears encircle the hemisphere look and behold them
The Ghosts of mans conscious haunts his every dwelling.

Where does it end, where did it begin?
Does it simply pass like the ticking of a clock
and of course we all proclaim our innocence
be not fooled, lost nor caught in your mere delusions
Reality shall continue,even when man is long gone
The Stars shall shine as brightly,
the Sun as Warmly
but it shall have lost one of its greatest treasures
that great homosapien that cried before all existence

---------------I AM-----------
Alisdaire OCaoimph
Written by
Alisdaire OCaoimph
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