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Jan 2015
In the beginning, man lived in darkness.
Primeval monsters roamed the world, killing countless.
In the everlasting blackness, which man thought to be eternal,
no one was ever safe from the life's endless trial.
The air was wrought with screams;
the people slept in a sweat, witnessing worse in their dreams.

People lived like animals or cattle, few opposed the beasts.
But among those heroes was a person called Ignis.
No one knew what Ignis was; it was human.
But appeared sexless and possessed insane determination.
It's strength was unmatched and it cared for one thing:
The reign of beast's ending.

So the darkness went on and people wept.
But Ignis' actions promoted strength and were up kept.
The fighting went on in the background
and monsters perished without so much as a sound.
The creatures continued unnerved as you'd expect.
The people found that they no longer wept.

Then Ignis no longer fought quietly, on solitary monsters.
It brought it's sword to a barren wasteland of evil aggressors.
The people watched in stunned amazement
as Ignis cut through the twisted mutants.
It's blade seemed to glint in the pure blackness
and nothing could touch it's radiance.

More monsters came, more monsters fell
and the people began to fight back as well.
Before everyone knew the world was filled
with a hope so intense that any foe could be killed.
Ignis lead the people to salvation and this was essential.
For now it reached it's absolute potential.

People dropped their weapons and took a breath
as the evil was purged and there was no more death.
Even Ignis moved to a clearing and sat cross legged.
People approached, the darkness no longer dreaded.
Then Ignis pulled a deep green petal from a pouch.
The first of its existence, and it ended up in it's mouth.

Looking around in expectancy, the people listened.
All was silent and dark, Ignis stiffened.
It twisted where it sat and sharp cracks sounded.
All through the land, the world gently fragmented.
Ignis became visibly thinner, more effeminate;
however, her skin became coarse and wooden, no one knew her state.

Anchored to the ground with root-like tendrils.
She drilled deep to the core, nature blossomed in peoples pupils.
They saw, how the thick but beautiful green flourished
and even in the darkness mother nature failed to perish.
For now Ignis was gentle and caring, emptying her life
into the harshness that Earth had always been; smooth as a knife's edge.

Throughout the land, people watched in wonder.
As natural life was born from the ***** of mother nature.
In the place of Ignis, a tree had grown tall and proud.
It writhed and emitted a noise akin to a thunderclap, all too loud.
People watched startled as a being exploded across the sky.
Light blasted through their vision for the first time and ceased to die.

It had come from the tree and they almost cried with delight.
A ball of light had formed and the world around was bright.
They could see every detail, nothing a dark haze
and they bowed to the tree, on their knees they prayed for days.
To Ignis the mother of nature, the bringer of fire.
The people eternally in her debt, humanity reached a safety far higher.

The darkness, however eternal, was now banished.
The world, now a cradle of humanity, was no longer tarnished.
Just a story I came up with and wanted to convey in the form of poetry. It's not referring to a religion or a belief; not even one I've come up with. It's simply a story born from my imagination and influenced by other creation stories.
Peter Watkins
Written by
Peter Watkins  19/M/England
   bouhaouel zeineb, Adele and ---
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